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Soleil Rosso


Colour: Red. Variety: Sangiovese, aglianico, sciascinoso. Production Area: Solopaca, terreni piedimontani. Height: 250 m. asl. Land: Soil composed of clay and limestone with emergent grave.Pruning/Cultivation System: Radial. Production surface: 0.6 Hectares. Grape Yeld: 85 HL per hectare. Harvest: First ten days of October. Wine making process: Hand picked in boxes with bunches selection. Purely, through soft pressing of grapes and soaking at temperature of 20/22°C. Refinement: In stainless tanks and bottles. Alcholic strenght: 12 - 13% vol. Packaging: Twelve bottles per box.


Soleil Rosso pairs with red and white meats , roasts, lasagna and game. This ruby red wine is strong and has notes of red fruits. It is mellow and balnced. Serving temperature +18/20°C.